Some stretch their one-week hamper to last a whole month. We don't know how they do it.

When the Rural Cupboard Food Bank first launched, we provided five hampers per month. Today, we distribute between 70 and 100 hampers per month, feeding approximately 2,000 rural residents every year. Monthly hampers contain one week's worth of food, tailored to the needs of each family as much as possible. For example, we provide children with nutritional school snacks such as fruit cups, granola bars, and juice boxes. Families with babies receive formula, diapers, jarred food, and other baby needs.

We also provide "extras" including birthday bags with cake mixes and small gifts for kids, school supplies, and Christmas gifts.

The need continues to grow. So much so that we must move to a new operating space that meets accessibility and health guidelines. We have plans to construct a new building at the Conmee Municipal Complex, and we are currently raising funds to cover the cost of construction and materials.

Hunger Facts

70 - 100
hampers distributed per month
rural residents fed each year
We Give
nutritional snacks to school children
with babies get formula, diapers, jarred food & more